• BF0922480 - 480Chips/meter 8mm
  • BF0922480 - 480Chips/meter 8mm
  • BF0922480 - 480Chips/meter 8mm
  • BF0922480 - 480Chips/meter 8mm
  • BF0922480 - 480Chips/meter 8mm
  • BF0922480 - 480Chips/meter 8mm
  • BF0922480 - 480Chips/meter 8mm

BF0922480 - 480Chips/meter 8mm

      Normal Voltage 12V DC / 24V DC
      Normal Current per meter 0.9A/m (12V DC) / 0.45A/m (24V DC) 
      Rated Wattage per meter 10.8W/m
      Type of Current Direct Current / Constant Voltage
      LED Color 6500K, 4000K, 3000K, 2700K

Red, Green, Blue
      Luminous Flux per meter 1145lm
      Luminous Efficacy 106lm/W
       Color Rendering Index / RA RA>90
      Length per Smallest Cutting Unit 50mm
      LED Number per Smallest Cutting Unit 
      Length per Roll for Package 5meters / 10meters / 20meters / 50meters
      Width of Printed Cirtuit Board 8mm
      Dimmable PWM / DALI / DMX / 0-10V
      Type of Protection
IP20 / IP67



What brand of led do we use for our products?

PCB Structure

All our PCB (Printed Circuit Board) have two copper circuit layers. There are 3 kinds of different PCBs for option.


PCB Type
Thickness of copper layer 1
Thickness of copper layer 2

Color Rendering Index (CRI)


CRI means color rending index. More the value is, it will make the subject more natural and free. Using in high CRI led makes the subject outstanding in color and features of materials, perfectly reflecting the colors of subject and the human beings. It is an ideal lighting solution for shops and social activities places etc.

Ra is the average from R1 to R8, We should not only take attention on average Ra but also on the situation red special R9 and the average Ra(9-12) of red, yellow, green, blue when design high CRI LED Studies have found that there is gap between the RA and the visual evaluation for the color of the white LED. The color of the white LED with the lower Ra maybe looks beautiful, however the color of the white LED with the higher Ra maybe looks ugly. It can bed ensured the high CRI of white LED when Ra and R9 both on high value. 

R9 refers to a saturated red, with wavelength of 650nm. When the R9<0, the red light is not enough, the red serious distortion, so the lamp can not render in the red color naturally. The number more bigger the conductibility of red is more better. All in all, the R9 more big, the effect on irradiation in fruit and flowers more better, they are more bright-colored. Specially, the product is used for commercial lighting, the R9 can not be negative.


IP Rating Description

IP20   Uncoated
IP54  Spraying thin silicon glue, no led color shift
IP65  Silicon glue coating
IP67  Silicon tube, no led color shift
IP68 Silicon tube injected silicon glue, Anti-UV, coating never change color